Minimising your household waste without the fuss

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Do you wish you could be better at reducing your footprint but don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed by the money and time invested? I'll show you small affordable steps that can make a big difference...

Beginning your journey to minimising waste can be overwhelming if you're looking at the big picture, but let's break it down. It doesn't need to be perfect, any change is better than none. For me, I began my journey with what I felt worked for me at the time and then grew from there. There are still areas that I wish I was better at, but, all in time and all in moderation.

Swap This for That

  • Throw away dish sponges washable dishcloths

  • Plastic shopping bags reusable bags, keep some in your car for ease

  • Plastic bags for small produce such as beans reusable small produce bags (can easily be purchased at the supermarket or health food store and kept in your car or handbag) OR do a sneaky and use the mushroom brown paper bags if needed

  • Cling wrap glass jars, containers, beeswax wraps, washable cotton bowl covers

  • Paper towel do you really need it or is it just something you've gotten used to using? Use a tea towel, wash your hands instead of using the paper towel after meals or use your washable dish cloth to wipe up spills

  • Baking paper another item that I think we use without thinking, do you really need it? Wash out your cookware, use oil or butter on the bottom of the pan to avoid any sticking, or you can also buy reusable silicone mats that serve the same purpose (seed & sprout have a great range)

  • Plastic drink bottles purchase a stainless steel or glass drink bottle that you can carry around with you throughout the day.

  • Plastic containers → glass containers (k-mart have a great cheap range) or keep your old glass jars, they make great travel containers for small snacks, salads, or smoothies

  • Single use tea bags loose leaf tea used in a tea infuser

  • Plastic clothes line pegs wooden or stainless steel pegs. The wooden pegs can be placed into your compost bin when they no longer serve their purpose. I personally would suggest paying the bit extra for stainless steel as I found the wooden ones didn't last long in the weather and also a little annoying to use. Alternatively, don't use pegs! Sorry mum!

  • Plastic scrubbing brushes wooden, compostable scrub brushes

The list really could go on... but let's save that for another day. Take a look around your home, I'm sure there are small or large changes you could make that will contribute to keeping our planet safe.

Grace x