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Food swaps making a big difference

When it comes to food choices, a lot of our decisions come down to habit. Breaking a habit can become less overwhelming when we begin with small changes and adapt over time.

Swap this for that...

Plain flour → Wholemeal flour

Vegetable oil → Extra virgin olive oil

White bread → Sourdough bread

Cows milk → Nut milks such as almond, rice, oat, or coconut

Margarine → 100% butter (not the "spreadable" butter with added nasty ingredients)

Store bought breakfast cereals such as weet-bix, coco pops, corn flakes, nutri-grain → Homemade muesli, store bought muesli (always check ingredients and sugar content; roughly 4g = 1tsp)

Salad dressings → Lemon juice, balsamic vinegar

Mayonnaise → Homemade mayonnaise

Pre-made crushed garlic → Fresh garlic

When you're walking the isles at the supermarket, this is the time to make conscious decisions, if you're anything like me, having things such as chocolate, biscuits and snacks in the house is a recipe for overconsumption.

Aim for real foods, and minimise your preservative intake (check the ingredients and avoid numbers or 'natural flavours').

Thanks for reading!

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