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With a degree in Health Science, Nutritional Medicine, I am passionate about helping others achieve their health goals—assisting them to live their best life.

During the three years of my degree, I went through phases of being concerned about every detail of my life—the food I was putting into my body, the toxins around me, and not to mention my paranoia about the global plastic use and wastage.

Everything I was studying was telling me these things were bad for both my health and the health of the planet. It was overwhelming. As time went on, I realised this was not a sustainable (or healthy) way of living. This has led me on my path to becoming a nutritionist that appreciates sustainable lifestyle changes or adaptions that fit YOU.


Life is all about moderation, enjoying the small things, and forever changing and growing.​


Eat Plant Grow is a space for nutritious food, growing internally and externally, and living a regenerative lifestyle allowing not only us but also our beautiful planet to grow and flourish.

Specialising in, but not limited to: 

  • Female sex hormones

  • Digestive support

  • Weight loss 

  • Brain health 

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